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Stand out from the competition and weather any economy. Cultivate a culture of loyal employees.

Companies with loyal, faithful customers often also have loyal, happy employees. A workforce that has fun on the job is more engaged, more productive and delivers better customer service.

Lessons In Loyalty helps organizations create a culture of loyal employees, using the principles outlined in the highly regarded book Lessons In Loyalty: How Southwest Airlines Does It - An Insider's View. Founder and author Lorraine Grubbs, "The Loyalty Lady," along with her team, helped Southwest Airlines achieve its status as The Best Place to Work in America. Let Lessons In Loyalty show you how to develop employees who possess a Warrior Spirit, just like they did.

Lessons In Loyalty will assess your organization's loyalty and customer service, and recommend employee and customer engagement programs like the ones that made Southwest Airlines a success.

Here's what Lessons In Loyalty offers to corporate leaders & future leaders:

This is staggering: according to Gallup Organization, more than 71% of employees are not fully engaged in your business. Almost three-quarters of America's workers are disengaged, which undoubtedly costs companies millions, if not billions of dollars per year.

Our team has worked with Fortune 500 companies and received many accolades for the profound positive impact made by Lessons In Loyalty. Let Lorraine and her team build a blueprint for employee loyalty for your organization. Contact us today!